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Log of HMA R34    Journey to America and back

By Air Commodore E.M. Maitland (CMG, DSO, AFC)

Reprint of 1920 original (August 1997), ISBN 0-9583693-0-5
Approx. A5 size (225mm x 175mm, 9 x 7 inches)
Hardback, 96 pages, foldout map + 26 illustrations
Published for the Lighter-Than-Air Institute by Tiola Consolidated Ltd, New Zealand

Having been out of print for many years, the LTAI brings you a new edition of Air Commodore Maitland's classic 1920 book on the first double crossing of the Atlantic by air. A day by day account of the two flights - the outward from East Fortune, Scotland, to Mineola, New York, and the return to Pulham, Norfolk.

The westbound flight was not without drama - over 97% of the ship's fuel supply was used up, the first aerial stowaway was discovered, and a severe storm encountered; the commander Captain G.H. Scott commented that he wouldn't have wanted to be in a 23-class rigid in the conditions the R34 passed through.

Two observers were carried - LtCmdr Zachary Lansdowne westbound, and Col. William Hensley on the return. Lansdowne unluckily lost his life in the SHENANDOAH breakup, Hensley became rather notorious for his secret negotiations with the Zeppelin Co. for a rigid airship for the US Army.

Log of HMA R34
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