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Arctic Mission    By Airship and Submarine to the Far North

By William F. Althoff

Second Edition (November 2000), ISBN 0-9583693-3-X
Approx. A4 size (285mm x 215mm, 11 x 8.5 inches)
Hardback, 311 pages, over 100 illustrations, 20 in colour
Published for the Lighter-Than-Air Institute by Tiola Consolidated Ltd, New Zealand

Bill Althoff's "Arctic Mission" tells in fine detail of two notable US Navy enterprises to the Northern Ocean.

Firstly, the flight of ZPG-2 airship (BuNo 126719), under the command of Captain Harold B. Van Gorder to Ice Station Bravo on the Ice Island T-3, a few hundred miles south of the pole. Dubbed the Snow Goose, the airship was making a trial flight designed to test the suitability of LTA craft as arctic research platforms. Although very successful, the termination of Navy airship operations prevented any repeat of the achievement.

The second is an account of the fine voyage of the USS Nautilus (SSN 571) - America's first nuclear-powered submarine - across the top of the world, under the polar ice cap, commanded by Cmdr. William Anderson. The dangers posed to vessel and crew are captured in this absorbing account.

William F. Althoff lives in New Jersey, USA and is a respected author on LTA topics. His previous works include "Skyships: A History of The Airship in the US Navy", and many published magazine articles.

Arctic Mission
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