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December 2003 September 2003 June 2003 March 2003
December 2003 September 2003 June 2003 March 2003
No. 58: December 2003
Airship Management Services Europe is now operating a World Wide Aeros A40B "Sky Dragon" and it has just started its summer 2003 season. Here it is in the artwork of Malaysian Airlines; the photo was taken when the airship visited Deauville, Normandy, and was kindly sent by Thierry Detable.
1 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world.
5 ZET AND ZEPPELIN NT NEWS: An update on developments from Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang von Zeppelin.
7 15TH AIAA CONFERENCE REPORT: A comprehensive summary kindly supplied by Arnold W.L. Naylor.
9 GERMAN LTA NEWS: Items from around the country compiled by Sig Geist.
12 THE "HOOD" BLIMPS: They've taken several forms, as Herman Van Dyk explains.
14 LEICHTER ALS LUFT: We review a fine new German LTA textbook.
1 Editorial
2 LTA Research Resources
9 Calendar

15 LZ-129 HINDENBURG: THE COMPLETE STORY: A review of John Duggan's comprehensive history of this great airship.
17 AIRSHIPS v. SUBMARINES IN WWII: This 8th update from Richard Van Treuren.
19 DR ECKENER'S DREAM MACHINE: A review of Douglas Botting's book about the Graf Zeppelin.
22 BURNEY WAS RIGHT: C.P. Hall II discusses the author of Great Britain's Imperial Airship Scheme.
25 THE PATENT FILE: 60: Dr Dürr on the provision of an axial girder/gangway in rigid airships.
No. 57: September 2003
Two lightships at Hanscom Field near Boston, last June. In the foreground is an A-150 contracted to Saturn, while in the rear is a bannerless A-60+ which formerly flew for Hood. These ships were also joined for a time by the Sanyo ship; it eventually stayed for about a fortnight due to inclement weather. Photo courtesy of Herman Van Dyk.
1 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world.
4 ZET AND ZEPPELIN NT NEWS: An update on developments from Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang von Zeppelin.
6 NEWS FROM FRIEDRICHSHAFEN: Sig Geist updates us with the latest news from the "Zeppelin City".
9 FRIEDRICHSHAFEN - A CRADLE OF AERODYNAMICS: Research for a new model of the Zeppelin Co. wind tunnel brings interesting facts to light.
11 FROM AIRSHIP HANGAR TO TROPICAL THEME PARK: Cargolifter's Brand site is sold; Sig Geist reports.
13 MÜLHEIM WINES AND THE ZEPPELIN: Heinz Albert Ohnesorge tells us of the connection.
1 Editorial
2 Future Hangars

15 THE HANGARS OF EAST FORTUNE: This chronicle of the Scottish station comes from Grant Newman.
21 AIRSHIPS CALENDAR AVAILABLE: Herman Van Dyk has produced a useful and attractive memento.
22 AIRSHIPS v. SUBMARINES IN WWII: In update No. 7, Richard Van Treuren has some queries on K-ship equipment.
IBC THE PATENT FILE: 59: Eberhad Lempertz on decreasing the flammability of gaseous fuel.
No. 56: June 2003
The Goodyear A-60+ Lightship "Spirit of Europe II" sits at the mast while visiting the Le Mans car race earlier this year. Photo courtesy of Thierry Detable.
2 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world.
3 ZEPPELIN NT'S INTERESTING DOCKING AID: Robert von Zeppelin tells us about it.
5 CARGOLIFTER'S LINGERING DEATH: Sig Geist updates us with the latest news on the sorry saga.
7 ZEPPELIN EUROPEAN TOURS PROJECT: More details on this very interesting concept.
9 THE ERIVAN HAUB FLIGHT: A simulated re-enactment of the 1936 LZ-129 "Millionaire's Flight"
13 DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!: Richard Van Treuren checks out some LTA links in the Lone Star State.
15 SOME RUSSIAN LTA DEVELOPMENTS: The firm of RosAeroSystems has several designs, some now in the air.
1 Editorial
2 The Rotorcraft/Aerostat hybrid
6 Piloted Simulation of a BQR Aircraft

19 HINDENBURG ARCHIVE AUCTIONED: The Fritz Deeg collection included camera gear salvaged from LZ-129.
21 AIRSHIPS v. SUBMARINES IN WWII: The 6th update from Richard Van Treuren.
24 THE WHITE MEDAL COLLECTION TO BE AUCTIONED: An October auction of a large LTA medal collection.
27 THE BURGESS ZRCV DESIGN: Another fine Herman Van Dyk drawing, this one a BuAer rigid design.
28 THE PATENT FILE: 58: Carl Huber's interesting timber-framed design.
No. 55: March 2003
Ready for lift-off. The third of the Zeppelin NT airships on the snow-covered field outside the Allmannsweiler hangar at Friedrichshafen. The ship’s maiden flight took place on Sunday 9 February, and all systems worked according to plan. Registered D-LZZF, this ship will join D-LZZR Bodensee in passenger service over Lake Constance; it features an extra passenger seat to accommodate thirteen in contrast to the Bodensee’s twelve. Photo courtesy of Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH.
4 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world.
6 GERMAN REPORT: Sig Geist gives a comprehensive review of goings-on from the deep south to the far north of the country.
14 ZEPPELIN NEWS: Complementing the above article, Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang von Zeppelin gives further details of Friedrichshafen and Bodensee activities.
16 GERMAN OLD-TIMERS’ DEATHS: The ranks are thinning out, as Sig Geist advises.
18 FIFTH DGLR LTA WORKSHOP: A summary of proceedings at this Berlin event.
1 Editorial
2 Review: Hayward “The Military Utility of Airships”
14 Review: De Syon, “Zeppelin! Germany and the Airship, 1900-1939"

19 ALLIED VICTORY: How the airship contributed to the effort, Roy D Schickedanz comments
22 AIRSHIPS v. SUBMARINES IN WWII: Richard Van Treuren presents update 5 of his in-depth investigation.
27 ARNO BOERNER - A POSTSCRIPT: Since the original article in our last issue, Herman Van Dyk has found out more.
28 WWI AIRSHIP SHEDS LIVE ON: Still performing a useful service, as Dipl-Phys. Jürgen Bock explains.
31 THE PATENT FILE: 57: Barnes Wallis’ ingenious “spider” joint used on the R-100.

December 2002 September 2002 June 2002 March 2002
December 2002 September 2002 June 2002 March 2002
No. 54: December 2002
The envelope of the third NT airship under pressure test in the Friedrichshafen hangar, earlier this year. Since then it has been fitted to the framework (out of sight to the left), and completion is expected before year’s end. In the rear is the prototype NT Friedrichshafen, which is now just over five years old. Robert von Zeppelin, who kindly sent this photograph remarks that the envelope of the ship is still in tip-top condition. More on the new NT inside this issue.
4 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world.
6 FRIEDRICHSHAFEN NEWS: Sig Geist brings a roundup of items from the lakeside.
9 CARDINGTON - THE WRECKERS MOVE IN: Another piece of LTA history disappears in the name of progress.
11 CARGOLIFTER - THE LATEST: The death throes continue - but the corpse seems reluctant to get rigor mortis.
13 THE GOODYEAR AIRSHIPS: Jim Shock and David Smith’s update of Zenon Hansen’s classic is reviewed.
14 THE PATENT FILE: 56: Karl Arnstein proposes a deep ring transverse frame as an alternative to the standard Zeppelin wire-braced truss.
1 Editorial
2 Structural Calculations for the Slate SMD-100 (part 2)
14 Book review: Sky Sailors by Ces Mowthorpe.

16 AIRSHIPS v. SUBMARINES IN WWII: Richard Van Treuren presents update 4 of his in-depth investigation.
19 K-SHIPS WEST: Roy D Schickedanz tells us about boosting the US Navy’s West Coast LTA forces after the Japanese entry into WWII.
21 SLATE’S ALL-METAL AIRSHIP: The City of Glendale was a remarkable concept as Lee Payne explains.
26 ARNO BOERNER - THE FORGOTTEN PIONEER: In another example of Herman Van Dyk’s tireless research, this little known inventor’s career is explored.
No. 53: September 2002
The FUJI airship in flight over construction cranes between Essen and Düsseldorf, Germany. Built and operated by WDL, based at the nearby Essen-Mühlheim Airport, it has flown for Fuji for many years, regularly covering most of western Europe in the process. Photo courtesy of Heinz-Peter Zeisberg.
4 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world.
8 MORE CARGOLIFTER WOES: The bad news is continues and the future looks bleaker and bleaker.
10 ZEPPELIN NEWS: Operations are progressing smoothly; Wolfgang von Zeppelin and Sig Geist bring us up to date.
14 MUSEUM SECURES US NAVY HELIUM CAR: The Gold Coast Railroad Museum of Florida has a new exhibit.
15 AIRSHIPS THAT WERE NOT COMPLETED: Sig Geist shares some details of the Zeppelin Museum’s latest special show.
1 Editorial
3 Structural Calculations for the Slate SMD-100 (part 1)
16 Calendar

17 AIRSHIPS v. SUBMARINES IN WWII: Richard Van Treuren presents updates 2 and 3 to the review featured in our December 2001 issue.
19 PAUKENSCHLAG!: Roy D Schickedanz tells us about the first U-Boat assault on the US eastern seaboard in WWII.
22 THE SUCHARD TRANS-ATLANTIC AIRSHIP EXPEDITION: Herman Van Dyk relates the sorry tale of this ill-starred venture.
30 THE PATENT FILE: 55: Paul Jaray (Karl Arnstein’s brother-in-law) looks at airship touch-downs.
No. 52: June 2002
The prototype AT-10 non-rigid airship is brought out of the Cardington No. 1 hangar for its maiden flight in April. Built by the Advanced Technology Group, the 88,250 cubic foot craft is destined for a Chinese customer. For the moment it bears the UK registration G-OATG; it features a translucent envelope which can be internally illuminated for showing off advertising artwork at night. In the rear is the company’s metallic gold proof of concept model of their StratSat high altitude LTA platform designed to carry telecommunications or surveillance equipment. Photo courtesy of Den Burchmore.
4 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world.
7 CARGOLIFTER ON THE ROPES?: The bad news is outweighing the good at Brand.
11 MEYER PHOTO COLLECTION TO SAN DIEGO AEROSPACE MUSEUM: Lee Payne gives us a taste of what they will be getting.
13 ZEPPELIN NEWS: The latest news from Friedrichshafen sent by Sig Geist.
14 AERONAUTICUM LANDS RESEARCH PROJECT: The Museum and Oldenburg University join forces to assess the Schütte-Lanz archives.
1 Editorial
2 General Calculations & Formulae for Metalclad Design.
15 Pulham & Its Airships: Booklet Review
16 Ralph Hazlett Upson - A Biographical Sketch

15 MELVIN VANIMAN - HIS AIRCRAFT & AERIAL NAVIGATION: A comprehensive survey of this largely forgotten pioneer’s work by Herman Van Dyk.
30 THE PATENT FILE: 54: Prof. Schütte’s proposed modifications to rigid airship transverse frames.
No. 51: March 2002
Cargolifter's SKS 600B now named CHARLY is dwarfed by the large hangar at Brand, south of Berlin. The 59m airship is undergoing a major overhaul; the propulsor ducts and other items may be seen stacked adjacent. Since the beginning of the year Cargolifter has warned of a likely shortage of cash from about the end of March. They indicate that the CL-160 programme, on which over 450 persons are employed, may face delays as a consequence. More details, kindly supplied by Sig Geist are on page 10 inside.
4 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world.
6 ZEPPELIN NT ACTIVITIES: Sig Geist and Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang von Zeppelin keep us in touch goings-on down at the lake.
10 CARGOLIFTER'S CASH CRUNCH?: The company warns of uncertainty ahead and looks for Government aid.
11 MOFFETT MUSEUM'S PROBLEMS: An unpleasant surprise is overcome thanks to donor's generosity.
11 OBITUARY: PROF. HENRY CORD MEYER: One of America's leading airship historians has passed away.
12 OBITUARY: CAPT. M. HENRY EPPES: Death of a distinguished airship pilot and co-founder of the NAA.
1 Editorial
2 Altitude control of free balloons - a survey
8 Calendar

13 BOOK REVIEW: "AIRSHIPS IN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS 1890-1940": John Duggan and Prof. Henry Cord Meyer on the manipulation of the airship phemomenon for personal and political ends.
14 US NAVY AIRSHIPS V. SUBMARINES IN WWII 1st UPDATE: Richard van Treuren updates last issue's comprehensive survey.
15 ALL-WEATHER AIRSHIP OPERATIONS OF THE US NAVY: Cmdr. C. H. Mills (USN Retd) comments on how the Navy made the airship perform in all weathers.
Another of John Fitzpatrick's patents for the AEREON III airship.

December 2001 September 2001 June 2001 March 2001
December 2001 September 2001 June 2001 March 2001
No. 50: December 2001
An aerial view of Boston, Mass., as seen from the A-150 Lightship. It was taken by Herman Van Dyk on 2 September during a 90 - minute trip from Hanscom Airport. Since the 11 September terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, such flights are no longer possible, and may not be for some time to come. On the [inside-front-cover] page the contrast between today's skyline and that of 1937 can be seen; then (and until after 1957, when Herman settled in Boston) the Customs House was the only tall building in the city. It may also be seen on the left of the cover photo.
4 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world.
6 ZEPPELIN UPDATE: Sig Geist keeps us in touch with the latest goings-on.
7 THE AKRON AIRSHIP HISTORICAL CENTRE: A fine repository of airship items described by Herman Van Dyk.
9 SL-2 MODEL FOR NORDHOLZ MUSEUM: An impressive 14.4m (47'-3") long addition to the permanent display.
2 Engineering Problems of High Altitude, Long Endurance Airships
9 Pégase - Advantages of a Lenticular Hull Shape
15 StratSat - The Wireless Solution
19 ATG StratSat's Debut

11 US NAVY AIRSHIPS v. SUBMARINES IN WWII: Richard Van Treuren presents a comprehensive survey.
30 THE PATENT FILE: 52: Arthur Förster on rigid airship frame wiring.
No. 49: September 2001
The second Zeppelin NT named Bodensee cruises south along the coastline of the lake after which it is named. The township of Langenargen is in the foreground, with its Schloss Montfort at the bottom of the photo. In the distance is the city of Friedrichshafen; the prominent white building on the shoreline is the old Hafenbahnhof, now the Zeppelin Museum. Manzell, where the Zeppelin story began in 1900, is to the right of the airship's tail wheel. In flight photo from Gisela Woodward and John Duggan who recount their experience of a flight in this issue.
4 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world.
6 NEW ZEPPELIN BEGINS OPERATIONS: Gisela Woodward and John Duggan take a scenic excursion over the south end of Lake Constance.
10 LAKEHURST 80th. BIRTHDAY: America's first rigid airship base marks another milestone.
11 4th. DGLR WORKSHOP: Dipl. Phys. Jürgen Bock reports on this event held at Rostock on the German Baltic coast.
13 14th. AIAA LTA CONVENTION: Herman Van Dyk gives us a summary of the activities at Akron.
2 Book Review: "ZRS" by Rowan Partridge.
4 The Raven Micro-Blimp.
15 Corrections to LTA Resources List.
16 Calendar.

15 LATEST DEVELOPMENTS AT CARDINGTON: Advanced Technologies Group are engaged in a variety of projects there. John Christopher reports.
17 AROUND THE WORLD VIA GRAF ZEPPELIN: An old film record is restored at UCLA. Lee Payne tells us about it, and why it's hard to get to see it.
22 HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGY AND ITS EFFECT ON FUTURE AIRSHIP PROJECTS: Dipl. Phys. Jürgen Bock looks at how hydrogen might feature in future airship technology.
30 THE PATENT FILE: 51: Karl Arnstein proposes various space frame transverse ring girders for rigid airships.
No. 48: June 2001
Type Certified. The Zeppelin NT, (the prototype now named Friedrichshafen is shown here), has recently been awarded Type Certification in the 10-19 seat category. With the re-forming of the DZR to conduct tourist flight operations commencing in August with the second airship, just launched, the Zeppelin organisation moves into a more active phase. Photo courtesy of John Christopher.
4 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world
6 ZEPPELIN NEWS: The tempo increases as milestones are passed.
10 WHEN GIANTS ROAMED THE SKY: We review Dale Topping's biography of Karl Arnstein.
12 AVIATION GHOSTS: A book about aeronautical spooks is reviewed.
2 Stern Propulsion
10 Stern Propellers For Airships
12 LTA Research Resources
18 Calendar

13 BRITISH NON-RIGID AIRSHIPS OF WWI: A survey of the RNAS airships.
23 LAST WAR'S WEAPONS: Richard Van Treuren details how the K-21 was made more war-worthy.
26 AEROS 40-B INCIDENT: The FAA Preliminary Report is issued.
27 MORE LTA PHONECARDS: Another selection from around the world.
28 THE PATENT FILE: 50: Karl Arnstein on airship frameworks.
No. 47: March 2001
The Cargolifter Skyship 600B was purchased last year as an aid to pilot training in readiness for the completion of the CL-160 prototype. It is seen here at Manston, UK, where it carried some trial flights following its assembly at Cardington. Shortly after, it was flown to Germany where it was in time to take part in the Zeppelin Centenary celebrations at Friedrichshafen at the beginning of July. Photograph courtesy of Den Burchmore.
4 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world
6 NAMING OF THE ZEPPELIN NT NO.1: Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang von Zeppelin adds more details of the event.
10 SKYCAT REVEALED: ATG has designed a family of dynamic lift airships.
11 THE LZ-129 LOSS REVISITED: Dr. Addison Bain adds more comment.
14 CURLY'S AIRSHIP: Rowan Partridge reviews a new musical.
1 Editorial
2 Barrage Balloons of World War II, part III
8 Worldview

15 THE MORRELL AIRSHIP: Lee Payne tells us more about this ambitious, but ill-fated project.
18 THE RUSSIAN AIRSHIP B-7 (V-7): Another fine airship drawing from Herman Van Dyk
19 WORLD WAR II's LAST SECRET REVEALED: The last results of Herman Van Dyk's tireless search.
34 THE PATENT FILE: 49: Genesis of the catenary suspension System for non-rigid airships.

December 2000 September 2000 June 2000 March 2000
December 2000 September 2000 June 2000 March 2000
No. 46: December 2000
The A-150 Lightship seen in the timber hangar at Tillamook, Oregon, where it was undergoing maintenance and servicing. This view gives a fine impression of the complexity of the hangar structure; 17 of them were built along the US east and west coasts during WWII to house the US Navy's patrol airship fleet. Photo courtesey of Paul Adams, who gives details of the special discount offer from The Lightship Group and in an article commencing on page 6.
4 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world
6 LAS VEGAS AIRSHIP FLIGHTS: Paul Adams tells you what to expect if you take up the special discount offer.
8 ZEPPELIN NEWS: The D.Z.R. is once again to operate airships. 10 CARGOLIFTER HANGAR NEARS COMPLETION: The world's biggest hangar is an impressive structure. AEROSTATION SECTION:
1 Editorial
3 Barrage Balloons of World War II, part II

13 ACTIVITIES OF THE LTA COMMITTEE OF THE DGLR: Jurgen Bock give a comprehensive account
22 THE MITCHELL GALLERY OF FLIGHT MUSEUM: Milwaukee's International Airport museum features LTA-related exhibits.
25 MORE LTA-THEME PHONECARDS: Another selection from around the world.
26 THE PATENT FILE: 48: T. B. Tschudy's concept of a multihull non-rigid dynamic lift airship.
nO. 45: September 2000
Frau Elizabeth Weil, grand-daughter of Count Zeppelin, christens the NT prototype Friedrichshafen on 2 July, the 100th anniversary of the first flight of LZ-1. The mayor of the "Zeppelinstadt" Dr. Bernd Wiedmann is beside her nearer the camera. Photo courtesy of Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH.
4 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world
6 ZEPPELIN CENTIENNIAL CELEBRATIONS: A report on the goings-on during the festive week.
9 THE LTA SOCIETY GERMAN TOUR: Sig Geist outlines highlights of this, their second such trip.
1 Editorial
3 Barrage Balloons of World War II

17 THE WORLD'S FIRST AERIAL BOMBARDMENT: Herman Van Dyk researches the story of the Austrian attack on Venice in 1849.
25 THE US COAST GUARD AND LIGHTER-THAN-AIR: Jim Shock gives a supplement to Richard Van Treuren's previous article.
26 THE PATENT FILE: 47: Karl Stahl's device for measuring gas cell fullness.
No 44: June 2000
The most successful and famous airship of all time - the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin named after the redoubtable Count (inset), set many records during its career of over eight years; it is seen here as NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey. Under the skillful command of Dr. Eckener and his experienced crew, the ship showed what could be done with a well designed and built rigid airship. Regular South Atlantic passenger and mail operations commenced in the early 1930's and their success paved the way for the larger and more luxurious Hindenberg; only the unfortunate loss of the latter causing their cessation.
4 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world
8 A CENTURY OF ZEPPELIN AIRSHIPS: The start of the road.
17 THE ZEPPELIN GOES TO WAR: Early expectations fail to materialise.
21 TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE ZEPPELIN AIRSHIP: Don Woodward describes their progress.
25 POSTWAR PROMISE: The first commuter airship shows the way.
1 Three Proposals
13 Proposal for a trans-Atlantic airship service.
18 Prospectus: Commercial airship (80 passenger)
33 Prospectus FOR A 8,250,000 cuft Pan-American airship.
38 Worldview Review.

33 THE GOLDEN AGE BEGINS: The first flight of a powered aircraft back to its starting point.
38 AIRBORNE LUXURY: The hotel of the air bridges the ocean.
48 WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HINDENBURG? A review of the recent THIRTEEN/WNET TV programme.
50 POLITICS' HEAVY HAND: Helium frustrations and then a World War.
56 THE GIANT AWAKES: The Zeppelin's return - the NT airship.
No. 43: March 2000
The giant Cargolifter hangar takes shape at Brand, some 60km south of Berlin. Some 330m wide and 107m high, its size may be gauged from the vehicles and personnel visible. The reinforced concrete bents supporting the arches are 9m high and the trussed girts joining the arches are at nearly 20m spacing. The structure will be clad with a translucent plastic membrane. Brand was the site of a former Soviet airfield, and concrete fighter bunkers may be seen dispersed through the woodland to the right. Photo taken by Paul Adams from an A-60+ Lightship.
4 ROUNDUP: A selection of LTA items from around the world
7 TRANS-TASMNA BALLOON FLIGHT: Enterpeneur Dick Smith makes the first crossing.
7 SOLO ROUND-THE-WORLD BALLOON ATTEMPT: Kevin Uliassi's second try gets him 12,000 miles.
8 ZEPPELIN NEWS: Construction of the second LZ N07 is now well under way.
12 WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HINDENBURG? A new TV series features the loss of LZ-129 in one episode.
1 Editorial
2 The Japanese FU-GO Balloon Offensive Against North America During the Second World War, by Kent O'Grady.
12 Balloon Logging 101.
26 Library News - A Whole Lotta Scannin' Goin' On.

13 THE CLASSIC RIGID AIRSHIP: Hepburn Walker Jr. gives us more on the topic.
15 GUARDING THE COAST WITH LTA: Richard Van Treuren outlines LTA's long history of looking after the US coast.
17 A DREAM COMES TRUE: Tethered passenger balloon rides over Paris become a reality again.
18 THE PATENT FILE: 46: Eugene Schott profile designs an alternative suspension system for non-rigids.

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