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The Van Dyk Collection of LTA Plans and Drawings

Research & Drawings by Herman Van Dyk

Commentary by LTA Institute

First Edition (May 2010), ISBN 978-0-9583693-4-3
Approx. B5 size (250mm x 194mm, 10 x 8 inches)
Laminated colour soft cover, 168 pages, 120 plans and drawings, 61 photos, 6 colour pages
Published for the Lighter-Than-Air Institute by Tiola Consolidated Ltd, New Zealand

For many years Herman Van Dyk has made a hobby of producing fine plans and drawings of LTA subjects, many of which have appeared in books and magazines. This collection also features many which have not been published.

Herman has produced all of the work on his drawing board, thus giving them a personal touch that a computer does not. Many have required him to undertake extensive research into historical projects, unearthing much hitherto lost information.

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Van Dyk Collection
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